04 May, 2018
Utility Monitoring System (utKliq)

UT-Kliq monitors & measures energy usage (and its quality) in manufacture & building, including electrical, water, gas, temperature, and other utility parameters.

Why we need monitoring system?

  1. We can compare between real usage and source data, then determine every losses caused by connection leaking and/or the other factors.
  2. We can check whether motor or blower are over capacity spec.
  3. Up to 8% energy per year is lost without proper monitoring and maintenance program.
  4. Reduce man power caused by conventional energy usage monitoring.

Simple and user-friendly display through Dashboard,

All information gathered then displayed as dashboard.
We can see trend, compare, actual value, summary and also generate report.
User is able to export the data in csv format, make it complied with all common office-based software (such as Ms.Excel)

Real Time Monitoring & Warning System

UT-Kliq is doing real time data acquisition.
Any problem creates warning instantly, make troubleshooting sooner and faster, then reduce downtime dramatically.

Benefit & Features:

  • accessible via personal gadget
  • set an alarm for pre-defined parameter
  • warn engineer ASAP if trouble happen
  • generate report automatically

Proprietary Engine Analytic

UT-Kliq is equipped with special engine analytic.
Make it possible to provides predictive & prescriptive maintenance for all equipment based on pre-defined formula and/or machine learning.

It also creates high awareness.
Making device usage to be more effective & efficient.
Helping us increase productivity and reduce operational cost.

Interactive Messaging Features

User can interact with device easily.
UT-Kliq provides command console via mobile apps.
User can use it to see, control, and do diagnostic for everything connected to the UT-Kliq.


  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • pH
  • Motor Vibration
  • Consumption
  • Level
  • etc !!

This is how UT-Kliq working

  • Each utility devices connected via connector (RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Profinet, etc)
  • For every utility device that does not have connector (especially old devices), we are able to equip it with additional metering device and/or sensor and make it able to connect to the system
  • All measurement data gathered and stored into UT-Kliq database server
  • UT-Kliq engine gets the data from server, processing it, and then shows the dashboard that can be accessed via personal gadget.


  • UT-Kliq complies with almost all protocols
  • UT-Kliq is able to connect to existing ERP software.
    Make it possible transfer/get data automatically.
    Then user can see utility performance whether via UT-Kliq dashboard or ERP dashboard.