04 May, 2018
Serialization & Aggregation

Understanding Indonesian perBPOM 33: 2018 to fight Counterfeiting.

Then our JT-CODE: Serialization & Aggregation solution will be the best weapon to engage in Pharma & FMCG manufacturing process.



Serialization means applying unique code to each product/package.
Enable the product/package to be identified at any time.


Aggregation goes further. An unique code is created for each load, crate, and pallet. It must be able to be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain. Each code has affiliation with all the serial numbers inside the load. Scanning the code will identify all the product/packs present.


per BPOM 33 is covering entire Supply Chain, while our Serialization & Aggregation Solution only focus to cover inside Factory. Especially on Product Printing & Packaging Process.


Every single product has unique 2D code, printed on product case (primary packaging).

To keep the print quality, every case will be scan. Good print will pass and registered/uploaded to BPOM. While, bad print means rejected.

But if needed (in some case), we can do re-serialization for reject product.


A group of primary packaging will have their secondary packaging (child-father relationship). After all the "child" get scanned, the system automatically generate their "father" code (aggregation), then print it to the box case (secondary packaging).

To make the scan process easy, all "child" code must clearly visible and face to the same direction (to the code scanner).

Similar with primary packaging, the system will check the print quality. Only the good print will be registered to BPOM.

But once a box case is rejected, it means all primary packaging inside will be rejected also.

If needed, we can do re-aggregation for all the "child" to have a new "father".


Our JT-CODE: Serialization & Aggregation Solution are following and complied with below list:

  • Follow GS1 Standard and DIN/ISO 15415 Standard
  • Complied with CFR 21 Part 11
  • Working with almost all machine-type protocol (Ethernet IP, TCP/IP, Modbus Ethernet, Modbus Serial, etc)
  • Support Custom Special Code (eg:PERURI QR Code) 


For any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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