04 May, 2018
Serialization, Track & Trace (jtCode)

jtCode is a solution for brand protection through authentication and supply chain traceability. While creating serial solution for every product made, the system also allows us to track & trace any product in the market. We can get any information such as when it produced, what production machine did, who was the operator, who was the distributor, what was the authorized store, and also who was the forwarder.

What we can do?

  • Authentication
    - Generate unique signature
    - Adaptive with applied serialization
  • Track & Trace
    - Complete database for every process (ex: from production until distribution)
  • Cloud Supply Chain
    - Enable cloud for everywhere integration

Applying database for every process


  1. Anti-Counterfeiting
  2. Supply Chain Security
  3. Regulation Compliance
  4. Consumer Insights



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