04 May, 2018
Productivity Station (PRO ST)

Let’s start to improve!

Big impact always has a good start.
We are exciting to show you how our Productivity Station (PRO-ST) can increase productivity and reduce inefficiency through digitalization and automation.

Why production monitoring system so important?

  1. Avoiding inacurate decision, caused by subjective report and manual record process.
  2. Reducing material stock and man power as result of precise production plan information
  3. Reducing downtime as result of high awareness by real time warning system.

Increasing awareness, keep production performance stay on top level

Showing live Andon, KPI, and OEE.
Finish good, reject, and downtime recorded in real time.
Simple dashboard, helping everyone understand the entire situation.

Easy to manage production

Integrating all process into one platform.

  1. PPIC can create production plan directly to the system
  2. Production staff easily understands the plan and controls it as it should
  3. Summary & report created instantly


This is how Pro-ST working

[1]   Applying Machine Interfacing & Human Interfacing to gather data from both machine and operator for the entire production floor.

[2]   Stored all data in the server (local/cloud). Authorized user can access (related to their authorization-level) from everywhere.

[3]   Visualize the data via real-time dashboard. Showing Plan vs Actual to create higher awareness to everyone. Available on both floor big screen and personal gadget.

[4]   Monitor the condition every time. Create instant warning/alert if problem should occur.

[5]   Empower the operation. Enhance the team ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Increase the OEE.


    PRO-ST is adaptive and designed to fit any kind of software & hardware (multi-brand), and also allow them to communicate via API and/or common Protocols.


    • PRO-ST complies with step-by-step investment
    • PRO-ST complies with almost all protocols
    • PRO-ST is able to connect to existing ERP software.
      Make it possible transfer/get data automatically.
      Then user can manage whether via Pro-ST dashboard or ERP dashboard.
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