04 May, 2018
Production Live Performance (Pro ST)

Pro-ST shows production performance, designed to help us get the best out of our plant and teams. The station allows us to see live KPI values for our lines, so that we can act instantly if problems should occur.

Why production monitoring system so important?

  1. Avoiding inacurate decision, caused by subjective report and manual record process.
  2. Reducing material stock and man power as result of precise production plan information
  3. Reducing downtime as result of high awareness by real time warning system.

Increasing awareness, keep production performance stay on top level

Showing live Andon, KPI, and OEE.
Finish good, reject, and downtime recorded in real time.
Simple dashboard, helping everyone understand the entire situation.

Easy to manage production

Integrating all process into one platform.

  1. PPIC can create production plan directly to the system
  2. Production staff easily understands the plan and controls it as it should
  3. Summary & report created instantly

This is how Pro-ST working

  • Production plan created then the system automatically spread the information to all person in charge.
  • Each production machine connected via cable or wireless.
  • For every machine that does not support data connection (especially old machine), we are able to equip it with PLC and/or additional sensor to make it able to connect to the system.
  • All production data gathered and stored into Pro-ST database server.
  • The production dashboard can be accessed via personal gadget everywhere.
  • Every trouble create warning instantly.


  • Pro-ST complies with step-by-step investment
  • Pro-ST complies with almost all protocols
  • Pro-ST is able to connect to existing ERP software.
    Make it possible transfer/get data automatically.
    Then user can manage whether via Pro-ST dashboard or ERP dashboard.