JT-AUTO utKliq for Energy Monitoring @Bungin Village, by Javatech Automation
06 May, 2018
utKliq for Energy Monitoring @Bungin Village, by Javatech Automation

Javatech is supporting Bungin Techno Village by deploying utKliq to support their Power Plant as Energy Monitoring System.
Located on North Bekasi, a small Power Plant (one of the project) has been developed to powerize Bungin village.
The power is generated by Solar PV and Small Wind Turbine which store the energy into the High Capacity Battery System.

To optimize all utility equipment, the developer need a proper monitoring system that support high mobility operator.
The monitoring system must be flexible, allowed to be operated remotely, and ready to warn operator in real-time.

To comply with the requirement, utKliq has been deployed.
utKliq enhanced operator experience to manage their power plant.
Now, operator can see all equipment condition and control it remotely from their own gadget.
All trouble are detected early. Operator can do troubleshooting as soon as possible.
Electrical downrate decreased, and people of Bungin can be more productive in their daily activity.

Thank to the developer for their trust using utKliq.
Javatech Automation is glad to announce the commitment to always support community developer helping people get the better live.

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